Games That Teach Kids About Blubber

blubber games1

Game 1: Crisco Bag Blubber Game

This was one of our favorite games while studying our Polar Unit (for preschool ages). Blubber is important for polar animals’ survival in the polar regions, especially when they’re in the cold water, and this game was a great hands-on way to learn about how it works using ingredients we already had at home.

What you’ll need:

  • Crisco, for “blubber”
  • sandwich bags (2 per child)
  • a bowl of icy water- we put ice cubes in ours but just cold water would work fine, too
  • rubber bands, if desired


 How to play:

  • Put Crisco inside one sandwich bag, about half full. We shared our bag of Crisco, but you could have one for each child if you prefer.
  • Have the kids put a hand inside a second (clean) sandwich bag. When we did this, the bag went up about to their wrist. We didn’t use rubber bands, but you could use one loosely around the top of the bag to hold it on the wrist if it’s easier.
  • Have the child place their sandwich bag-covered hand into the bag of Crisco. The second sandwich bag over their hand will keep them from getting messy Crisco on their hand. Squish the Crisco around the shape of their hand (which, remember, is still nice and clean inside the second sandwich bag) until their hand is mostly surrounded by the Crisco.
  • Dip the bag-covered hand into the icy bowl of water. The Crisco acts like thick blubber, keeping their hand warm and dry!
  • If the kids want to, they can dip their other bare hand into the icy water to compare.

blubber game 1.jpg

Game 2: Which Animals Have Blubber Game

My kids invented this game on their own, which is probably why they enjoyed it so much!

What you’ll need:

  • bowl of icy water
  • toy animals that can get wet (my kids used their Arctic TOOB animals)
  • two wash cloths

How to play:

  • My kids took turns picking up one animal at a time and dropping it in the bowl of icy water.
  • The animal would sink to the bottom of the bowl and the kids would shout, “It lived!!” if it was an animal that has blubber, or “Oh no, it died/didn’t live!” if it was an animal that doesn’t have blubber.
  • The animal was then scooped out of the water and placed on a wash cloth. Animals that have blubber/lived were put on a blue wash cloth, and animals that don’t have blubber/didn’t live were placed on a purple wash cloth.

The wash cloth colors were randomly chosen, but sorting in this way gave the kids another visual of which animals have blubber and which don’t.

blubber game 2 1

If you have any questions, comment below. If you liked our games, share and pin!

To read more about our Polar unit study for preschoolers, click here.


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