A (Bedtime) Birth Story for Miss C

Written by The Mom

Oh, my sweet Miss C. I tuck you in to bed on the eve of your 5th birthday. Your last day of being 4… How can this be?

Let me tuck you in, kiss your forehead. Let me tell you your birth story.

Five years ago at this very hour, exactly right now, began my fast 3 hour and 50 minutes labor with you. My first baby, my fastest labor! You took your time choosing your birth day, arriving four days late. But then you could hardly wait to get here! My Labor Day baby.

A fast labor, but peaceful…

Until the end.

Our midwife saying, “You need to get her out right away. Get her out on this push. Do not stop.”

Suddenly medical equipment appearing from nowhere, everywhere, and out you came completely white and limp, with a white and limp umbilical cord. No breath. No response as I reached for you.

No need to cut the cord: up came a board on to my chest and you right on top of the board where I could kiss your forehead (just like this!).

How thankful we still are for our amazing midwife. First a good rub with towels… Nothing. Then the suction (no meconium), still not breathing. Then the bag valve mask… Nothing. All so fast, my arms still reaching to hold you. I waited this long and this the longest moment of all.

Our midwife: “Talk in her ear. Loudly. Use her name.”

And my voice in your ear roused you enough to take your first little gasp of a breath followed by a quick weak cry and then a good hearty one and you woke up to this world; half a minute or so later than most babies, but ready to conquer it now that we had convinced you!

Conquer on, my sweet girl (after you get some sleep!). We love you so much.

Miss C

C turns 5


One thought on “A (Bedtime) Birth Story for Miss C

  1. I am holding my breath as I read this. Waiting for your first breath. Back in time. Praying desperately that you will breathe. That color and movement will come into your limp, white baby body. And then the gasp and the tears flow. Not my first grandchild. But the first grandchild I watch come into this world. Thankful everyday for precious you.


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