Sower and the Seed Play Tray

Written by The Mom

We’ve been working on our farm unit this month. The past few days we’ve been reading about fruits, vegetables, farmers, and planting, so this morning we read about the sower and the seed in Luke 8 (KJV). We read versus 5-8, and versus 11-15. We talked about each verse and what it meant.

After we finished talking about what we’d read, we grabbed our craft trays and collected some things to make our own sower and the seed play tray.

We used rocks for the rocky ground, stems from grapes we had in the fridge for the thorny ground, and the chicken and rooster from our TOOB farm animals set to represent the way-side and the fowls of the air. We used dirt from the yard for our good soil, and sun flower seeds for the seeds.

I set everything up and asked the kids, “Where would you plant your seeds if you were a farmer? Where would they grow best?” Then I let them play!



They both immediately “planted” their seeds in the dirt, and after they were done they moved their seeds around to different places while we talked about what would happen to the seed. The rooster “ate” the seed that was close to him, the seeds in the rocks and thorns couldn’t grow, and so on. The kids asked lots of questions about why the seeds wouldn’t grow in the rocks or thorns, and how they grew in the soil.



Then Mr F asked if he could water his seeds so the kids put water in their toy tea sets. Water plus dirt is always an adventure, especially when it’s time to clean up.


If we didn’t have the TOOB rooster and chicken we probably would’ve drawn some birds or made some paper ones for the “way side” part of the tray. Any type of stick could be easily used as thorns in place of the grape stems. This was an easy project since everything we used was in the yard or in the house already.

Even without the biblical aspect, this was a fun and educational way to learn more about seeds and how they grow, and to practice sensory and motor skills for preschool aged kids!


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